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About Sandman HD LLC

Where We Came From, Where We're Going...

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In 1993, Owner Sherrod Scott worked for an uncle who was an Electrical Contractor for what started as a Summer Job until the end of high school, 1997. While endless workdays and cheap child labor seemed unethical at 13 years old, it would actually be the prelude to something far more vast than just pre-wiring new homes for electrical service, day and night.


Fast Forward well over 20 years, we not only have the experience and training from companies like Verizon Comcast and Circuit City and much more, But also the work ethic to implement what we know which isn't always easy.

Our catalog of the services that we render come from feed back from our customers. Our Home Theater/ TV installation services were highly rated such that clients began to want the same experience all over the house, thus Multi-room Stereo installation services was born.

After many customers had their music in every room they began to want more control of their toys which gave birth to our Home Automation and Control Systems sales and services. We exist because you exist, your pulse is our pulse and our experience is based on your electronic problems and issues. Today we are asked about new issues like poor Cell Phone reception and poor WiFi coverage and we again have found solutions that work and work, were always up to the challenge of a growing, transforming world of electronics and minor construction if needed.

Sherrod Scott Of Sandman HD LLC

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