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Below Are A Few Highlights from the 1000s of Installs Of Products We've Sold And Installed.

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Pre Building a Custom TV and Surround sound Bookcase

Here on this project there was very limited space, so in attempt to keep everything off the floor, we built this one of kind Bookshelf/ Speaker/ TV stand thingy. It would have covered the "Return Duct" so we integrated that as well.

#DelawareCounty PA

Custom Built TV And Surround Sound Bookcase

Current Basement

This was a proposal for one client who wanted to turn his basement into a Mancave along with a few other amenities. Here is a CAD design that we put together for that project it had a TV Wall, Surround Sound and a bar. We're still waiting to get the "Green Light".

#UniversityCity Phila.

CAD Drawing of a proposed mancave

Proposed Mancave

Multi TV Mancave Installation
Multi TV ManCave with DirecTV

This one's an "Oldie But Goodie". Customer didn't want to miss a thing when it came to his sports, This was from back when DirecTV was a big deal and their remote was able to assign itself to one cable box. Problem was the guy ended up with 6 remotes, luckily today there's far more efficient ways to control a similar system.

#KennettSQ. PA

Multi TV Mancave With Surround Sound

Again, another sports fanatic. In the previous pic, we told you that there were better was to control a system with multiple monitors, well here's an example, in the video above you can actually see the remote to the control system. Cool thing about this job is that we get invited to the "March Madness" party just about every year.


Stone Fireplace Pre TV Installation

Please don't be fooled by the simplicity in this "before and after" pic, this was a 9 hour install, tunneling wires and cables through granite stones that are as thick as truck tires isn't an easy task even with specialty tools.


In the end the "Mrs." was happy being able to watch her court shows and guessing "who's the father of the baby" from the kitchen without a bunch of wires showing.


Stone Fireplace After TV Install
Final Pic Of Entrance To One-Of-A-Kind Bath Remodel

An all time fav, a bathroom we rebuilt from scratch along with plumbing for the laundry area. The crazy thing is the 1500w sound system we were allowed to install in it along with the touch screen control pad.

Be sure to watch the video below to see the finished product.

Intermediate Pic of a One-Of-A-Kind Bath Remodel
More Sports Fanatic Fantasies Fulfilled

Installing and setting up a control and automated lighting system for a commercial client about 10 years ago, Sheesh!!

#NorthernLiberties, Philadelphia

Installing a Control/ Automated Lighting System

Easily Our Longest Lasting Residential Install, roughly 3 months...

...It Was Loaded

  • 2 Movie Rooms

  • A Night Club with Lasers

  • A Camera System

  • WiFi Boosting System

  • Pool Speakers

  • Multi-room Stereo

  • Several Change Orders

#Chester Springs, PA

Custom Built Master Bedroom Sound System Connected to Whole House Audio

A custom built sound system for a bedroom consisting of:

  • Two 12 inch 800 watt Sub-woofers

  • 2 In-ceiling speakers

  • Also Housing for subs we built from scratch

  • Not to forget the LED lighting around the brick activated by music

  • Last but not least is the Galaxy Ceiling which is activated by night fall

#Delaware County PA

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Exton, PA