Sandman HD LLCFor those of us blessed with the gift of sight, the element of “Light” is the reason we are able to ingust our world Visually.

For the most part what we are concerned with here at Sandman HD is lighting in the home or office space; the fact that you can have to most amazing materials in your home, yet poor lighting or the wrong lighting won’t bring out the best in your space, can put you in bad moods or otherwise be plain frustrating depending on the task at hand, for example trying to cook in your own shadow.

There is a Plethora of lighting options, most will fall under one of these types.

Mood lighting:

Oftentimes a type of glowing light, usually not very intense in brightness or focus and come in many different colors.

Task lighting:

Lighting designed in such a way to complete a specific task for example Under Cabinet Lighting makes it less strenuous to see what you’re doing while cooking. One of the cool things about under cabinet lighting is that if you have a nice backsplash it also highlights it therefore also playing the role of mood lighting at times.

Ambient Lighting:

This is probably the most popular of all, very general lighting. The best ambient lighting is the sun, the most positive energy on earth. Many of the luxury homes we’ve worked in are strategically built and positioned to get the most sunlight. When sunlight isn’t available we have to flick-the-switch to get lighting be-it recessed lighting, lamps or light fixtures also known as luminaires.

These are some of fundamentals of lighting, While many of the more modern platforms are LED (Light Emitting Diode) driven because of its efficiency, there are lots of ways to utilize the platform, Pendants , Sconces, Strip Lighting, Fiber Optic and many other fun, purposeful applications.

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