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Sandman HD LLCFounded by a former trumpet player in an orchestra and jazz band, we know quality sound, with that being said over the past few decades audio has went from “Rich” but clunky, to sleek, but in many cases “lacking”. The goal at this point in time and for residential purposes is to find a happy medium.

From sound bars to 7.1 (seven surround speakers plus one subwoofer) each speaker configuration has its place. Sound bars are great if the sound from your flat screen tv sucks (which is true is most cases unless you’re using Sony top-grade televisions) and you want better articulation in monologue or even music, then a sound bar is the way to go. If you’re using a sound bar to replace actual “surround sound” formation, guess again. Surround sound uses speakers placed is specific spots and specific calibrations, speakers in front of you, and theoretically speakers behind you, this recreates your environment especially with the lights off while the movie plays on the monitor which by the way, the larger the screen the higher this effect. This information is basic compared to the info available for your specific situation. Let’s get together and figure out what’s the right solution for you. Click below.

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