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What Police Do To Catch The Perpetrator After You’ve Made A Police Report Without Video Surveillance Footage…


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Help the authorities help you; justice is more likely to be served with video footage.

When it comes to surveillance cameras there are 2 major grades, consumer grade and industrial. The consumer grade stuff is readily available at your local box stores convincing you that it’s all you need and that it’s convenient which may be true in many cases.

As for Industrial grade you can easily see where consumer grade is lacking, things like “viewing angle” (the ability to choose a broad prospective or narrow more focused view) cameras that have this feature are often referred to as “vary-focal”, or a camera that can be in a rather dimly lit room facing a sunny window or door and still capture a clear view of the person walking in the door (try that with your cell phone camera you’ll likely get a dark silhouette) this feature is called Wide-Dynamic-Range more commonly known as “WDR”. Some of the better cameras have built in heaters or wiper blades. These are just some of the 100s of features in today’s non- consumer grade cameras don’t be fooled, click below and let’s talk about what easy to use, simple setup we can make for you.

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